Bitcoin Mining Machine Unpack and Install

Bitmain Antminer S3 (480 GigaHash/second) and ThermalTake 700 Watt power supply unpacking, assembly and ready for mining.   Easy supplemental income for the Age of Enlightenment.  Do less and accomplish more.

Estimate: $5 per day per machine, assuming 1 Bitcoin stays about $600 or more.   $50/day for 10 machines.   $500/day for 100 machines.   Each machine costs $500 +$50 power supply would pay for itself in about 110 days at this rate.

We recommend the Bitmain Antminer S3 480 GigaHash per second Bitcoin miner for $500, plus $50 power supply which pays itself off at $5/day in about 110 days, assuming the current BTC price of about $600.

Bitcoin Miners are good fund raisers for good projects

For example pandits meditating for world peace.
8 rows of 8 Bitcoin mining machines generate enough TerraHash per second
to support Sidhas in the TM-Sidhis rounding program in financial self-suffciency.
No further donations would be needed to sustain their peaceful influence.

Bitcoin mining machines could support the peace promoting activities of

Association for Digital Currency