Christmas Bonuses in Bitcoin to
TM Rounders and IAA Course Participants
Free $5 of Bitcoin from the to get started
Fairfield Iowa Association for Digital Currency

aOn Christmas in 2015, Bitcoin was $425. Gifts were .0125 BTC now worth $400
On Christmas in 2016, Bitcoin was $950.  Gifts were .006 BTC now worth $220
On December 25, 2017 BTC was $14000.  Gifts were .0004 BTC and now worth $15.

$10 more of BTC is available from
if you use their service for more than $100

Sign up form was put in the Men's Dome and Ladies' Dome

Email the Bonus recipients receive via Coinbase:

Congratulations on your Christmas Bonus for attending group program in the Golden Domes on a cold winter day near the population center of the USA. Experience is the basis of knowledge. Coinbase is a user friendly exchange, which works with just your name and email. You can also provide ID and bank details to enable bidirectional US$ transfers. Digital currency embodies qualities of Creative Intelligence. password: mantra Fairfield Iowa Association for Digital Currency users group volunteers are happy to help. Instructional videos are at We have given bits of Bitcoin to over 200 people, including TM Movement leaders.  Let's design the ideal digital coin to reincarnate the Raam, which could fund millions to learn TM. Let's pass along the knowledge to make Fairfield rich again! JGD, Rick Shaddock. MIU '81 800-319-3190

Form to print