The Fairfield Iowa Association for Digital Currency is a non-profit educational users group of Fairfield citizens volunteering to help our neighbors learn about Bitcoin and digital currency. We help people learn how to buy, sell, "mine", safely store, transact with Bitcoin, and how to avoid scams. In NY, LA, and Keene NH people can go all day just using Bitcoin. We know that jobs in this new area can help our local economy, with block chain technology jobs, as they are booming in Silicon Valley. We have had a table the Art Walk, give seminars, and are available as a resource for information for the Fairfield City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

Maharishi said the Raam "will be the fondest currency in the world". He didn't say Bitcoin would be the fondest.  He didn't say Ethereum or DoggyCoin.  Maharaja Nader Raam liked the idea of a digital Raam at a community meeting in the Golden Dome April 17, 2014. That was before Ethereum existed which went from nothing in 2015 to over $30 Billion in market value. Early adopters are millionaires. A well designed Raam Coin could do even better, and provide financial security and early retirement for the most deserving people on earth, Governors, Sidhas, and Meditators especially in Fairfield.

During the past 3.5 years, we have developed a prototype called BitRaam to help in the development of an ideal digital coin worthy of the name RaamCoin. But we need more support from the Faculty of M.U.M. especially the best minds in Computer Science and MBA Finance departments. We meet weekly in the Golden Dome Market on Sunday at 1:00 pm and are happy to donate our time and BTC to help make Fairfield rich again.  We met at my house across the street from MUM. But this is worth having meetings at Dalby Hall.

Maharishi gave us the secret of wealth in the 33 Lesson SCI course, the practical understanding of the experience during TM, to know what nature will support in the Age of Enlightenment.  I bought 10 Bitcoin in 2011 when it was about $1.  Each are now over $6000.  It is Fortune Creating Knowledge.  even better than Fortune Costing Homes of Sthupidya veda. The SCI Qualities of Creative Intelligence, Stability, Adaptability, Integration, Purification Growth. Bitcoin has stability through its millions of transaction processing machines world wide called "miners" at people's homes and offices providing invincibility. Bitcoin's code automatically adapts the mining difficulty level to the number of transactions being processed. The network integrates the transaction coming from all over the world into a common block chain. Hacking attempts and inconsistencies are automatically purified out. The growth from 1 penny to over $6000 has been awesome.

Digital Currency also exemplifies the 16 Principles of SCI: ....  Seek the highest first (network seeks the block with the highest number of transactions to be first appended to the block chain).  Order is present everywhere (after the synchronization every 10 minutes all the nodes are in perfect order), in cycles of rest and activity, the steps of progress.  Whole is contained in every part.  Whole block chain has in seed form, with transactions back to the first in 2009, and can be recreated from any full node.

Nature goes in cycles of Centralization and Decentralization. Maharishi decentralized SCI from a few Vedic Masters in India to the population. From Unity of Diversity to Diversity of Unity - Unity consciousness. Each of us nodes on the network of collective consciousness can have the wisdom of Unity Consciousness.

For the telephone it centralization was helpful with AT&T providing standards and infrastructure. Then in the 1990's during the decentralization of communications, with entrpreneurs like Fred Gratzon breaking up the AT&T monopoly over long distance calls. Telegroup and other brought the cost per minute down from 25 cents to 10 cents, to 1 cent, to nothing. Telegroup managers became millionaires. Chris Hartnett also had a company and drove his white stretch limo around town. Fairfield was in the news as a successful town. You
needed a reservation for lunch at India Cafe.

Having a central Federal Reserve system was helpful for different banks to work together. Big money was made by Wall Street bankers Now there is a new wave of decentralization of financial exchange.

For Financial Security and Retirement we don't have to depend on Social Security or the government.  We can be self sufficient, dependent only on our higher Self. Let's make Fairfield the digital currency innovation capital of Iowa. Let's re-incarnate the Raam as a digital currency and make Fairfield rich again!   Our web site is