16 Principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence

and Sustainable Digital Currency

Maharishi said the Raam "will be the fondest currency in the world" in the Age of Enlightenment.  The BitRaam is the first digital currency to help fulfill his vision. Seek the highest first
The block chain is a distributed transaction ledger on the world wide web.  Any accidental or intentional distortion of the record is automatically corrected by the majority of the correct copies of the ledger. Order is present everywhere
inside and outside
Metal money and paper are material objects at the surface level of life.  Deeper than this, closer to the level of the finest relative.
Digital currency is more adaptable, payable to a .00000001 amount, never requiring change to be made.  One can pay someone on the other side of the world, with no fees.
Life is found in layers

Deeper, more subtle levels are more powerful
The electronic level of life, through the internet, and telecommunications is providing the basis for more affluence in the people around the world, including developing countries, who will be able to join world wide commerce by using digital currency. Inner is the basis of the outer
Digital currency began in 2008, and has quickly become a billion dollar per year industry.  It is life supporting, empowering the people, and grows accordingly. The nature of life is to grow
BitCoins, BitRaams, and other digital currency exist in the form of electronic impulses or binary digits (1 or 0) traveling at the speed of electricity through the world wide web.  1 is for activity, and 0 is for rest of the impulse. Rest and activity are the steps of progress
It is easy - no more high fees and wait to transfer money.  Carrying paper dollars or heavy metal coins is replaced by encrypted weightless digital codes.  Digital currency  mining by high speed computers provides an effortless way to earn spendable money. Do less, accomplish more
Every action of mining, buying, selling, or transaction on the internet based network is recorded by the block chain and is transmitted to the intended recipient. Every action has a reaction
MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Western Union, and other financial companies benefit from a percentage of everyone's transactions, for the use of their network.  This saps about 3% of the value from every transaction.  Digital currency uses the free and open internet, with encryption to protect transactions, with very low, if any, fees. Purification leads to progress

The products and services that can be exchanged with the help of digital currency range from computers (Dell ComputersTigerDirect.com) to house items (Overstock.com) to travel or cruises (CheapAir.com) to rent (FairfieldIowaHome.com) and watch TV (DishNetwork.com).   Walmart sells BitCoin mining machines.  Congressman Jared Polis accepts BitCoin for campaign donations.  Jeff Shipley accepts BitRaams, running for Congress.  A BitCoin ATM machine is on Capitol Hill. (see list)    Over 100000 merchants are listed at SpendBitcoins.com

The field of all possibilities is the source of all solutions
Knowledge is for Action. Action is for Achievement.  Achievement is for Fulfillment.
Knowledge is gained from outside and inside
Money is structured in consciousness.  A baby will prefer candy to a $100 bill.  People are taught by society to accept paper currency based on their knowledge and opinion of it.
Iowa Souix natives used wampum as money
Knowledge is structured in consciousness
There are over 400 "alt coins" on the market. Some are for a special group such as MazaCoin for American native tribes.  As long as they use different port numbers and are properly constructed, they run smoothly without conflicting with each other.  Each coin helps more of the public become involved and learn more about digital currency. Harmony is in diversity
The entire block chain is copied into each computer running a node with digital currency mining software, so that even 1 computer could re-establish the entire world wide network. The whole is contained in every part
The effect of digital currency affects all areas of society touched by money.  There will be no more need for bail outs of large banks.  No "quantitative easing" (making it easier for the wealthy, but harder for the poor).  Governments will have to become efficient, and will not be able to afford wars of aggression. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Qualities of Creative Intelligence

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