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Fairfield Iowa Association for Digital Currency Users Group
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Fairfield, IA  52556
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October 14, 2014


Dr. Bevan Morris
Maharishi University of Management
1000 North 4th Street
Fairfield, IA  52556

Dear Dr. Morris,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you briefly about our proposal for Maharishi University of Management and the Fairfield community to benefit from digital currency - the money of the Age of Enlightenment.

Please see our page about how Digital Currency exemplifies many principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence.  Maharishi gave us, in SCI, the seed for the fulfillment of our desires, and great wealth for ourselves and the TM Movement.

I am a graduate of the M.A. in Education program (on your President's Honor Roll), and would be happy to help establish a curriculum for a course about Sustainable Digital Currency in the Computer Science Department.

Jai Guru Dev,

Rick Shaddock
M.A. in Education, MIU, 1981